From the Executive Director, September 2023

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Over the years, NDHFA has grown in both staff and programs and branched into new divisions that truly allow us to work in the full spectrum of housing from homelessness to homeownership. 

Working in this industry for so many years allows insight into the role that affordable housing plays in the social and economic well-being of our communities.  From providing shelter and security to developing a sense of belonging and opportunity, housing matters significantly.   

Several studies have shown that quality affordable housing can:

  • Free Up Financial Resources

When families know that they can afford their rent each month, it frees up their ability to receive routine medical care and purchase nutritious food which can lower the risk of severe health problems.

  • Community Involvement

Long term residency encourages social connections and community involvement such as volunteering, donating to local schools or organizations and civic engagement.  

  • Attract Employees

When affordable housing options are available in communities, businesses can attract and retain employees.  New jobs can be created, lowering unemployment.

  • Provide Stability

When children have a stable, safe home, they see less disruption in their education and are able to form bonds with peers and teachers.

  • Helps Aging Households

Allowing older adults to age in place promotes independence and for seniors living on a fixed monthly income, the cost of relocating to a senior living facility may be challenging or even impossible.

The real driving force of the work we do every day is the people we serve and I’m proud to have a hard-working team who truly understands that the availability of affordable housing doesn’t just provide shelter, it makes our communities stronger and keeps us growing.

3 Responses

  1. Dan Madler

    Nicely said, Dave, and thanks to the NDHFA Team for all that you do to support affordable housing across the State!

  2. Julie Nelson Wanzek

    Great words Dave!! A place to call home whether rented or owned, is where everything else is made possible. It’s what we do!! Kudos to NDHFA and all who work to make homes happen!!

  3. Craig Stenson

    Dave, thank you for vocalizing this important issue! Great job NDHFA on promoting affordable housing! Thank you for all you do across the great state of North Dakota!!!!

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