From the Executive Director, March 2024

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Over the past decade, the North Dakota Housing Finance Agency has issued over $3 billion in bonds to fund the purchase of over 16,000 home loans. While this is a great achievement, our work continues as we strive to ensure affordable housing options are available to meet the needs of diverse populations, such as seniors seeking accessible housing options and young families searching for starter homes. 

If North Dakota is going to continue its success, housing will be key in attracting new talent and families to our state. Job growth and economic development cannot happen without a dedicated workforce and communities can’t attract and retain workers without an adequate supply of affordable housing. Collaboration between the private sector housing industry and state and local government will be crucial to increasing and improving our housing stock. 

In his 2024 State of the State Address, Governor Burgum called for action to address housing needs through a comprehensive housing plan for the 2025 Legislature to consider.  Through sessions with housing stakeholders, we hope to gather ideas, bring in other perspectives, and create actionable steps.  We look forward to this challenge and encourage all to be involved.  

  1. Judy Lee

    Thank you for your update! We are challenged in Cass County with providing appropriate housing for the homeless population. ND people recognize that their best chance of getting assistance as homeless individuals is in Cass, and we have, according to what I read a day or 2 ago, about 1300 homeless now. Efforts to assist are over-burdened, and housing is critical to getting people stable and willing to accept treatment options.
    I appreciate all of your good work!
    Senator Judy Lee

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