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Opening Doors Provider and Client FAQs

Who is responsible for locating a participating landlord/available unit?
The client is responsible for locating a landlord/available unit with the support and assistance of the Participating Care Coordination Agency (PCCA) provider.

Are homeless individuals with criminal backgrounds and felonies eligible for this program?
Yes, specific background details are requested on the Opening Doors Coverage Application.

After the 18 months, does the PCCA provider still work with the client?
That would be negotiated between the provider and the client.  Program coverage is up to 18 months.

How frequently does the client have to meet with their PCCA provider?
At a minimum, monthly in-home visits are required.

Where are applications sent for review and approval?
They are sent to Opening Doors Program Administrator at hfainfo@nd.gov. The applications are reviewed and NDHFA will issue a notice of approval.

Does the Opening Doors program already have a list of landlords that are willing to participate in this program?
Not at this time. As the program becomes more established, we will evaluate the ability to have participating landlord information available.

I am currently in a lease; can I still apply for the program?
No, you cannot apply for a unit you have already leased.

Does the landlord have a say in who their tenant is?
Yes, the landlord always has the right to refuse to rent to someone. However, if the landlord agrees to participate in the program, for the enrolled client, they are agreeing to waive some of their rules (e.g., no past evictions or no past felonies).

How does the landlord receive money from the Opening Doors program?
The landlord only receives money from the fund if a tenant violates the lease by abandoning the unit or causing damage above and beyond the security deposit. The landlord first pursues settlement from the tenant (with the help of the PCCA provider) and then applies to the fund for reimbursement, not to exceed $2,000. Damages and insect infestations must be documented.

Who is more likely to be accepted into this program first? Is there an order of preference?
Applications are processed as they are received until program funding limitations have been met.