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Opening Doors Landlord FAQs

If the landlord has a concern about a tenant’s rent payment, behavior, lease agreement or any other issue, who should the landlord talk to first?
The first contact should be the tenant directly to try to resolve the concern. If the landlord is unable to resolve the situation by visiting with the tenant, he or she should contact the tenant’s Participating Care Coordination Agency (PCCA) provider to further discuss the issue. The PCCA provider will then work with the landlord and the tenant in trying to find a solution to the problem. The third contact should be to NDHFA.

Once a landlord accepts a participant of the program, are they placed on any public lists?
No, all information regarding the rental agency and landlord is held confidential unless the landlord becomes a Participating Landlord. If interested in becoming a Participating Landlord, contact NDHFA at 800-292-8621 or hfainfo@nd.gov.

If I have signed a lease with someone who would fit into the Opening Doors program, can they apply for coverage?
No. You cannot apply for a unit you have already leased.

In what circumstances does a landlord receive reimbursement from the fund?
The landlord only receives reimbursement (up to $2000) from the fund if a tenant violates the lease by abandoning the unit or causing damage above and beyond the security deposit while covered under Opening Doors. The landlord first pursues recompense from the tenant (with help of the PCCA provider) and then applies to the fund for reimbursement. Damages and infestations must be documented. The fund will NOT cover late rent payments while the tenant is still residing in the unit. It will only reimburse a maximum of two late rent payments if the tenant is evicted or if the tenant abandons the unit. Any late rent issues should be addressed with the PCCA provider as soon as possible.

What types of services do the PCCAs provide?
The PCCA provider is responsible for assisting the client with check-in to ensure the tenant has the necessary information needed for housing success. The PCCA provider must complete monthly visits with the tenant but can arrange for as many visits as needed. These visits may include assistance in budgeting and finance, cooking, cleaning, apartment etiquette, or any other life skills needed to be a successful renter. The PCCA provider is also responsible for checking in with the landlord at least quarterly to ensure the renting process is running smoothly. The PCCA provider agrees to follow the client for the length of time they are enrolled in Opening Doors (up to 18 months).