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Frequently Asked Questions

Can NDHFA provide funds for me to rehab my home?
NDHFA offers the following low-cost loan and grant programs.  Please be sure to check with NDHFA to verify that you qualify for these programs.

Rural Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program - low cost loans for the rehabilitation of single and multi-family properties located in communities of less than 20,000 population.

Rehab Accessibility Program (RAP) - grants support accessibility improvements made to single- or multi-family properties occupied by low-income people with physical disabilities.

Major Home Improvement Program - low-interest loans to buy and rehab a single-family home or refinance and rehab the borrower's current residence

Does NDHFA have a list of recommended contractors?
No – applicants are required to find contractors willing to complete their improvements.

What kind of work can I get done?
Rehabilitation means improving a home so it is safe, decent and sanitary. The improvements must be more than routine or minor repairs, but they can vary in degree from gutting and extensive reconstruction to cosmetic improvements coupled with the cure of substantial accumulation of deferred maintenance.  See programs for more information.

I own a manufactured home, can I receive rehab assistance using the Major Home Improvement program?
Yes, if it is permanently attached to a foundation.

I am interested in the Rehab Accessibility Program (RAP). What is the timeframe for the approval process?
The grant committee meets once per month to review applications.

The Rehab Accessibility Program states that I need a 25% match. What does this mean?
NDHFA will pay 75% of the total costs for an approved project or $4,000 whichever is less; the applicant is required to have resources available for the 25% or the remaining balance to complete the home modification.

I applied for RAP funds, how long does it take to receive the grant funds once the project is complete?
Once all the paperwork is submitted, checks will be issued within a week.