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Home Schooled

Sometimes housing is confusing! To answer frequently asked questions and provide educational resources, NDHFA launched our "Home Schooled" series. If you have questions about agency operations, program rules or you are just curious about something housing industry related, we encourage you to ask us. We would be happy to answer your question right away and may address the item in a future Home Schooled article.


8 Reasons to Have a Home Inspection (9/17)

A Guide to Escrow Analysis (9/17)

Home Inspection Checklist (9/17)

Understanding Insurance - Hazard, Mortgage and Credit Life (9/14)

Understanding Mortgage Terms (8/17)

Recapture Tax Reality (8/14)

Tips for First-Time Home Buyers (5/16)

Public Affairs

The Impact of Affordable Housing (1/19)

Visitability 101 (7/14)


A Guide to Renting Affordable Housing  (7/16)
    Determining Affordability (6/17)
    Understanding Your Credit Score
    Preparing Your Rental Resume
    Asking the Right Questions
    Repairing Your Background
    Understanding Your Lease
    Income Qualifying for Affordable Housing

Landlord/Tenant Issues (11/15)

Service and Companion Animals (7/15)

Reasonable Accomodations (2/18)


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