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HUD – Section 8 Contract Administration Compliance

The forms and information listed below are for use by owner/managers of HUD-Section 8 properties with contracts administered by NDHFA. The forms provided are examples of documents appropriate for program use.

Affidavit of Income and Expenses
Annual Inspection
Application for Housing
Asset Verification
Child Support Verification
Childcare Expenses Verification
Composite Form
Employment Verification
House Rules
Larger Unit Verification of Need
Lead-Based Paint Disclosure
Live-In Aide Agreement
Long-Term Care Expenses
Medical Expenses Verification
Medical Mileage
Move-In/Move-out Inspection Form
Oil Lease and Royalty Verification
Owners Notice
Pension Verification
Pet Policy - Lease
Pets- Lease Addendum
Public Assistance Verification
Recertification Forms
Recertification Procedures
Security Deposit Letter
Student Certification
Student Verification
Tenant File Documentation
Tenant Recertification Checklist
Tenant Selection Plan
Termination of Employment Verification

Electronic Income Verification (EIV) Information and Forms

Brochure Rules of Behavior without EIV Access
Policy Procedure Tenant Consent to Disclose
Repayment Agreement  

HUD Information and Forms

Application Supplement (HUD 92006)

Citizenship Forms Citizenship Declaration

Disability Verification (HUD-90102) or Subsidized Programs (HUD 90103)

Fact Sheet for HUD Assisted Residents

Fraud Notice (HUD 1141)

Service Animals/Assistance Animals (FHEO-2013-01)

Lease - Subsidized Programs (HUD 90105-A) and Programs (HUD 90105-B)

Owner's Certification of Compliance w/ HUD's Tenant Eligibility and Rent Procedures - Instructions (HUD-50059) (HUD-50059A)

Race and Ethnicity Reporting (HUD 20761-H)

Release of Information (HUD 9887)

Residents Rights and Responsibilities

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

VAWA (HUD 5380)

VAWA (HUD 5381)

VAWA (HUD 5382)

VAWA (HUD 5383)

Lease Addendum (HUD 91067)

VAWA Additional Guidance for Multifamily Owners and Management Agents


Miscellaneous Information and Forms

Determining Income from Assets RHIIP Interview Guide
Owners Summary RHIIP Owner Agent Information Sheet
Project-Based Section 8 Properties with Tax Credits RHIIP Tenant Information Sheet