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Targeted Area Loan Program

The Internal Revenue Code requires that NDHFA, as an issuer of tax-exempt mortgage revenue bonds, set aside a portion of the proceeds of a bond issue for up to one year for reduced interest rate mortgage loans in Targeted Areas of North Dakota.

Where are Targeted Areas located?

To determine if a home is in a Targeted Area, search by the address. Type in the address of the property, click on the go button, and the corresponding census tract will appear in the information listed. To qualify, the Census Tract number must match one of the tract numbers identified below.

County Census Tract
Benson Census Tract 9401
McKenzie Census Tract 9401
Rolette Census Tract 9418
Sioux Census Tract 9409

Am I Eligible?

While a household receiving a Targeted Area Loan does not have to be a first-time homebuyer.

  1. You must meet income limits, which vary based on county and family size. Include projected income from all sources for the 12 months following the date of application.
    County Family of less than 3 Family of 3 or more
    Benson $90,960 $106,120
    McKenzie $95,280 $111,160
    Rolette $90,960 $106,120
    Sioux $90,960 $106,120
  2. The purchase price of the property must be within program limits.
    County Purchase Limit
    Benson $312,368
    McKenzie $344,578
    Rolette $312,368
    Sioux $337,952

  3. You are expected to meet normal credit underwriting standards and must intend to occupy the property as your principal residence. You are also required to make a minimum of a $500 out-of-pocket cash investment.

How Do I Apply?

You can apply for a Targeted Area loan at one of NDHFA's Participating Lenders. These lender originate NDHFA loans and sell them to the agency. Before the lender proceeds with the loan application, the agency's homeownership division will verify the property qualification and the availability of the program proceeds. Once approved, NDHFA will confirm the available interest rate and provide authorization to proceed with a loan application.


Contact NDHFA's Homeownership Division at (701) 328-8080 or (800) 292-8621.