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Buy a Home

NDHFA helps North Dakotans achieve successful homeownership with homebuyer education, down payment and closing cost assistance, and affordable mortgage loans.

Why ask for a NDHFA loan:

Save Money - NDHFA's affordable interest rates can result in lower monthly payments and interest cost savings over the life of a loan.

Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance - NDHFA can provide assistance with out-of-pocket costs, enabling homebuyers to achieve ownership sooner.

Renovation Assistance - rehab costs can be included in a NDHFA mortgage loan.

Homebuyer Education - learn everything you need to know about purchasing and financing a home with homebuyer education classes endorsed by the agency.

No Pre-payment Penalties - directing additional dollars to principal allows borrowers to pay off a loan sooner and reduce the amount of interest paid.

Local Mortgage Servicing - all NDHFA loans are serviced locally either by the agency or the originating lender.

Fixed Rate Loans - NDHFA's interest rates are fixed meaning the principal and interest portion of your payment will not change for the life of the loan.

To determine if you will quality for financing from NDHFA, contact one of our participating lenders or a FirstHome certified real estate agent.