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Frequently Asked Questions

What development programs does your agency have?
The Agency offers gap financing products for the development of affordable housing. Funding opportunities can involve infrastructure, construction, and permanent financing to make homeownership and rental opportunities affordable.

What interest rate do you offer?
Interest rates are based on the Agency’s costs of funds at the time the loan is made. Please contact the Agency if you are inquiring on a specific program.

What grant money can you offer for my project?
Most of the programs administered by the development division are in the form of a low-interest loan. Currently grant funds are only available through the tax credit program, RAP and Helping Hands. See program information for additional details.

What town should I develop in? Where is housing needed most?
NDHFA does not provide recommendations for where development should occur. Developers are encouraged to carefully research markets in which they are considering doing business.

Where can I get further information on a of town/county/region I am developing in?
The best place to get local information is with the local entity: housing authority, job development authority, economic development office, mayor’s office, major employers in the community, city councils, county commissions, etc. Ask if the area has participated in a housing needs analysis.