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2018 Conference

Wednesday, April 25

Housing’s Role within the Main Street Initiative
The Main Street Initiative is aimed at helping communities capitalize on their strengths and make sound planning decisions with a goal of creating vibrant cities that attract and retain a high quality workforce. Adequate and affordable housing is a consideration that cuts across all three pillars of the initiative. The presentation will include a discussion of the initiative and what role housing can play in influencing quality of life to build stronger, reinvigorated communities.

Featured Speaker: Lieutenant Governor Brent Sanford, State of North Dakota

The Economic Forecast
How GDP growth will perform, what interest rates will do, what are savings rates and a whole host of other economic variables likely to do in the coming year and, most importantly, why! Eisenberg will also cover our current economic state and sluggish growth. And, he’ll finish up by teaching the audience how to keep track of the economy by looking at the right variables so that even if his forecast is wrong, you will be able to understand what is going on and not lose the (economic) forest through the (data) trees.

Featured Speaker: Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D.


Livable Communities
The Livable Community Program, developed by USDA Rural Development in partnership with stakeholder organizations, creates a roadmap for rural community leaders to develop a strategy for improving livability to retain and attract investment, people and opportunity. The presentation will include an introduction to the program and progress to date.

Speaker: Emily Brown, USDA Rural Development, ND State Office
Care About the Future of Your Community?


Opportunity360 is a comprehensive approach to understanding and addressing community challenges by identifying the pathways to greater opportunities using cross-sector data, community engagement and measurement tools. Armed with this information, community development partners are better positioned to make smart investments and create collaborative solutions to transform their community.

Speaker: Ann James, Enterprise Community Partners Inc.
North Dakota: Opportunity360 Snapshot


Housing and Health
Having access to stable and affordable housing reduces healthcare costs, not only for the individual but also the community. The presenters will discuss why and how housing should be a consideration in care coordination, fostering meaningful relationships between healthcare and housing providers, best practices and the use of healthcare data to inform housing policy.

Speakers: Dr. Terry Dwelle, former ND State Health Officer
Dr. Kamillah Wood, Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future

Public Health and Housing
Achieving Health Equity Through Cross-Sector Investments


Thursday, April 26


Turn Homeownership Dreams into Closed Deals
During this two-part session, lenders and real estate agents will learn about resources that turn homeownership dreams into closed deals. We will start with a roundtable discussion on the obstacles that you may encounter when working with buyers and follow up with presentations on some of the solutions available locally.

Speakers: Bill Schafer, USDA Rural Development, ND State Office
Joe Sheehan, Benchmark Mortgage
Kirstin Wilhelm, KW Inspire Realty
Lisa Pogatshnik, CommunityWorks North Dakota
Rick Bloxham, Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines
Rory Anderson, Verity Homes
Tom Ternes, Bank of North Dakota 

Down Payment Products
LCD Group
LCD Group Home Loans
USDA, Rural Development
By Refinancing . . .

Real Estate Agents, Appraisers and Lenders: Their New Relationship
This session will familiarize real estate brokers and salespersons, appraisers and mortgage lenders with the continuing effects of federal legislation and regulations enacted over the last decade on the sale, appraisal and mortgaging of real property. Areas of focus include appraisal conditions and requirements that impact the listings of real estate professionals.

Speaker: Craig Steinley, SRA, AI-RRS, Steinley Real Estate Appraisals and Consulting


UPCS-V Inspection Protocol Update
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is developing a new inspection protocol called UPCS-V with the intent of improving Housing Choice Voucher program inspection standards. During this session, we will introduce UPCS-V and discuss what property owners and managers can expect when a unit is inspected.

Speakers: Jody Moses, HUD Real Estate Assessment Center
Justin Piper, HUD Real Estate Assessment Center
Dave Klein, Great Plains Housing Authority

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Connecting Housing to Services
Pairing supportive services with housing can be challenging. Panelists will discuss recent developments at their respective agencies. Developers and property owners and managers will learn how to make connections to services that can help retain tenants.

Speakers: Dr. Lisa Peterson, ND Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Behavioral Health Division
Pamela Sagness, ND Department of Human Services, Behavioral Health Division
Bianca Bell, Community Options Inc.
Nancy Nikolas Maier, ND Department of Human Services, Aging Services Division
Michelle Gayette, ND Department of Human Services, Aging Services Division

Free Through Recovery
Vulnerable Adult Protective Services
Mandatory Reporting
SFN 1607
Aging Services Division - Programs and Services
Community Options

Resolving Conflict
Somedays, working with applicants, tenants, clients and even co-workers can be challenging. This session will dive into ways to manage conflict by having the proper mindset and maintaining professionalism. You will be provided with tools to generate voluntary compliance that will help you persuade the most difficult people and deescalate any situation.

Speaker: Chad Sheehan, Sheehan Strategic Solutions LLC

Resolving Conflict



Gaining Community Support
Community support from neighbors, service organizations, and city and county leaders can be key to a project moving forward or not. Despite best intentions, NIMBYism (Not In My Back Yard) can create a road block or detour that can be difficult to overcome. This session will discuss the tools available and best practices to prepare and diffuse NIMBY sentiment.

Speakers: Jennifer Henderson, ND Housing Finance Agency, Planning and Housing Development Division
Dan Madler, Beyond Shelter Inc.

Gaining Community Support
Assessment Tool
Community Housing Survey
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“Duty to Serve” Impact
This “Hot Off the press” topic will be presented by representatives of the Government Sponsored Enterprises. During the session, they will cover the impact of the recently published Duty to Serve Underserved Markets Plan and what the impact will be on North Dakota’s affordable housing preservation and rural housing markets.

Speakers: Sam Lipshutz, Fannie Mae
Naureen Versi, Freddie Mac

Duty to Serve

At-Risk Portfolios
Preserving existing affordable housing inventory is key to maintaining a healthy housing inventory. A National Low Income Housing Coalition representative will present information on their recently released preservation database, including North Dakota’s at-risk portfolio, and how the information can be used as part of a preservation strategy. Additionally, USDA Rural Development and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) representatives will discuss their organizations’ current preservation policies and opportunities.

Speakers: Andrew Aurand, National Low Income Housing Coalition
Yvette Spriggs, USDA Rural Development MFH Preservation and Direct Loan Division
Mercedes Maestas, HUD Multifamily West Region

At-Risk Portfolios
8(bb) Frequently Asked Questions
The Need for Preservation